Off Road experiences in Karpenisi, discovering Xinithra!

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The route among plane and fir trees towards Xinithra

The beginning of our tour is the square of the village of Agios Nikolaos. We cross the eastern side of the village and start the off road tour.

We lead you to a beautiful landscape that is constantly changing shades of green. We are greeted by plane and fir trees and a natural small creek on our right. Enjoying the sights of nature unfolding and driving through are never enough!

Suddenly the chapel of the Holy Apostles emerges in front of us.
We continue. “Where are we going?” you must be wondering.

We reach a place where there are no trees. We set 4X4 and ride up the mountain.

1st Stop


This breathtaking view that unfolds in front of our eyes is indescribable. Unique images will be engraved in your memory and you will shoot some truly amazing photos.

Wherever you look, you see truly magnificent and unique landscapes. You feel that you can reach out and touch the sky and the clouds.

The scenery of Karpenisi, Agios Nikolaos and all the mountain peaks are of unparalleled beauty. If the weather conditions allow, we will even see the sea.

Incredible emotions… 

2nd Stop

Pine forest

You think you’ve seen it all. We ride downhill and with an exciting drive we find ourselves in the embrace of a wonderful pine forest. All you encounter will make you escape from your daily routine.

We are welcomed by tall pine trees and wild flowers of the area. They are stunning. We can only hear the breath of nature and the chirping of birds...

End of Route

In the chestnut forest

We continue our tour and approach the end of our route from the north side of the village, through the wonderful chestnut forest of Agios Nikolaos.

We haven’t understood how the time has passed. No doubt, you have so much to say about this tour to your friends and so much to remember, that no words can fully express it.

All you have to do is to live the Off Road experience!

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